Disrepair Improvement Group – 19.09.24

Thursday, 19th September 2024

Sub Group Meeting

13:00 – 15:00

 Disrepair Improvement Group - 19.09.24

The virtual meeting of Disrepair Improvement Group will be taking place on Thursday 19 September 2024.

The confirmed speakers are as follows:

  • Tony Cubitt from Dimplex will be providing an overview of their technology and how their solutions can help tackle disrepair and support compliance within the drive towards sustainable buildings
  • Richard Lupo from SHIFT Environment will be discussing the impact of fuel poverty on health and wellbeing, mould growth, overheating and the English housing survey which includes wellbeing statistics for social households.¬†
  • Henrik von Bahr from Plentific will be joining to provide a brief update on their disrepair case management module offered by the organisation.

If you are a member of Asset Management Improvement Partnership, please register your interest in attending using the Registration Form.

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