Our COVID subgroup, set up in March 2020 to discuss developments, share data, knowledge and guidance ,and analyse trends emerging through the crisis, grew to 130+ members.

Following the success of that initial group, it was decided to put together a suite of industry subgroups, focused on key issues affecting the sector. The idea was to share expertise and best practice and find collaborative solutions and better ways of working.

Working with The Riverside Group, our Disrepair Improvement Groups were launched in January 2022, focusing on Prevention and Remediation and Disrepair Management. With 357 members from 181 organisations, their objectives are preventing disrepair and achieving better outcomes for tenants where disrepair does occur.

A Regenerative Sustainability subgroup was launched in May 2022, chaired by Luke Driscoll from The Hyde Group and facilitated by sector specialists. The group will be publishing an industry standard paper in June 2023.

There are plans to launch a number of new subgroups throughout 2023 focusing on areas including voids, building safety and decarbonisation.