Wellbeing Programme – Session 3/6 – 16.05.24

Thursday, 16th May 2024

Sub Group Meeting

09:00 – 11:00

 Wellbeing Programme - Session 3/6 – 16.05.24

The third session in the wellbeing programme is titled ‘How do you feel about money?’ and will be led by Svenja Keller. Svenja is a Chartered Financial Planner with financial services experience for over 20 years who now coaches and empowers people to make informed decisions about money and life.

During this session, Svenja will be focusing on financial wellbeing during the session and will look at:

  • What is (and isn’t) financial wellbeing?
  • Money is about more than just numbers
  • What are the key ingredients to good financial wellbeing?
  • Knowledge and understanding – what is a financial plan / budgeting / investing
  • How can I inform myself? Where can I find reliable information and tools?
  • Financial resilience
  • Balancing enjoying now with planning for the future
  • Money mindset
  • Good money habits – what are they? How can you work on them?
  • Our relationship with money

There is an uncapped delegate limit for this session. If you are from an AMIP member organisation, please register your interest using the Registration Form.

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