Focus on GMB TV case and data collection in disrepair group

The first 2023 meeting of our Disrepair Improvement Group 1: Prevention and Remediation started with Sarah Willcox-Jones from Lewisham Homes discussing a recent damp and mould case involving a Lewisham tenant, which was picked up by ITV’s breakfast show, Good Morning Britain (GMB).

Sarah was able to provide some background to the case, and the involvement of the media, as well as an overview of the actions undertaken by Lewisham Homes, both prior to and following the GMB broadcast.

Simon Brown and David Parkforth from Onward Homes shared their organisation’s innovative model, which is used to analyse and highlight housing stock at risk of damp and mould. It takes into account a number of variable factors such as age of stock and resident demographics and is even able to determine which level of a building is most at risk.

Attendees of the group have been asked to contribute to regular data collection so that an analysis can be carried out on damp and mould frequency, case numbers, works undertaken and costs involved in remedying issues. It is hoped that this data will help to present housing providers with a sector overview, as well as the ability to consider the impact of this winter on damp and mould cases.

Email for more information on joining our Disrepair Improvement Groups which were set up with The Riverside Group with the ultimate objective of preventing disrepair and achieving better outcomes where it does occur.

Published On: January 13, 2023

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