Disrepair Improvement Group Explores Technology in Disrepair Handling

How can technology enhance disrepair handling?

This was the focus from Henrik Von Bahr, VP of Sales and Aiden Shaw, Marketplace Manager at Plentific, who delivered the first presentation at Disrepair Improvement Group yesterday.  

Henrik outlined how the company’s platform generates data and analytics in one place to increase visibility and avoid silo working.  “I have never seen a sector being hit from so many angles at the same time, ”said Henrik, who explained that clients have used the system for damp and mould issues, helping them record a full audit trail and provide easy access to reporting. 

Its new PropertyLab programme will provide a series of interactive workshops throughout 2024 that will focus on identifying key processes and bottlenecks and look at developing a viable solution by asking what an efficient Disrepair Project Management tool could look like.  

Raj Nar and Justin Clark, Fortem Solutions, delivered the second presentation, introducing Fortem and Town and Country Housing’s joint venture TCH Repairs, launched in 2022.  

After establishing in early 2023 that damp and mould needed a targeted approach, TCH began to focus on addressing the root cause of damp and mould issues, promoting this at key engagement points through the customer journey.  

All TCH call centre staff are trained to identify ‘red flag’ reports and it has introduced video calls to its reporting platform, allowing residents to share their concerns in real-time. “Resident engagement is critical,” said Raj.  

It has also introduced a ‘ReferIT’ app for operatives, making it easy to report concerns about residents properties or wellbeing, and established a dedicated damp and mould response team, led by Justin, to manage reports efficiently. In homes where damp and mould issues were consistently reported, a dedicated piece of technology was installed, providing live readings and monitoring temperature and humidity levels to help tackle the issue.   

Finally, the session was rounded off with a look at the Housing Ombudsman’s ‘Good Practice’ Consultation which is open until 21 May.  

Echelon Group CEO Mathew Baxter read a statement from the HOS, explaining that the Ombudsman is aiming to publish Good Practice Guidance that can be used as a benchmark to improve processes for landlords and residents.  

You can learn more about the consultation here: https://bit.ly/4aNwNjV and contribute via the following online survey: https://bit.ly/4aKDOCl  

Published On: April 24, 2024

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