Disrepair Improvement Group: January 2024

Thank you everyone who attended our first Disrepair Improvement Group meeting of 2024. We had a packed agenda, focusing on strategic asset management in the context of disrepair, a detailed overview of an organisations approach to tackling disrepair, an update on the consultation around Awaab’s Law, and the launch of EIP’s new disrepair informational video and accompanying infographic.  

Dan Kujawski, Assistant Director at Altair, opened the session with an examination of strategic asset management in the context of disrepair. Dan explored the reasons behind the sudden increase in disrepair cases and explained the recent DLUHC recommendations which have been implemented following a series of high-profile cases and Ombudsman recommendations. Dan explored how we can use data and data management processes to manage disrepair cases and discussed how landlords should be tackling disrepair, including the implementation of damp and mould strategies, examining buildings holistically, and using technology and data to inform decisions.  

This was followed by an update, courtesy of Victoria Smith at Devonshires, on the consultation around Awaab’s Law, which was published on 9 January 2024. The group was led through the main proposals of the consultation and reviewed the proposed timescales which put more onus on landlords to investigate and remedy health hazards in homes. Landlords will be required to respond within set timescales for handling reports of disrepair and completing any subsequent repairs. The deadline for all feedback on the consultation is 5 March 2024 and the survey can be accessed here: Awaab’s Law: Consultation on timescales for repairs in the social rented sector – Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities – Citizen Space 

Mark Shawcross, Disrepair Manager at First Choice Homes Oldham, discussed its proactive approach to managing damp and mould condensation, developed in partnership with its customer voice panel. First Choices Homes Oldham implemented a damp and mould project team, in-house solicitors and surveyors to manage damp and mould related works and delivered mandatory training on damp and mould to all of its staff members. Its data currently shows a 20-25% reduction in the number of disrepair complaints received over the last 12 months.  

EIP and Chartered Building Surveyor Geoff Hunt also launched their new collaborative video and e-flyer on managing condensation mould for housing providers and tenants. You can access the resources here: https://www.echelonip.co.uk/disrepair-groups/ 

Our DIG meetings are free for AMIP members to attend. You can sign up for the next session here: Disrepair Improvement Group – 05.03.24 – Echelon IP 

disrepair improvement group meeting
Published On: January 31, 2024

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